About Us

Who We Are

Providing Tailored Mining & Industrial Solutions

Established in 1990, CMI provides dedicated service and supply to mining and industrial operations with a focus on potash. Privately owned, Saskatchewan based company focused on Canadian manufactured products where possible. We pride ourselves as the company that does whatever it takes to satisfy our customers. CMI is a Unique company, offering customer solutions to solve problems.

We optimize supply processes through lowest total cost of ownership, fit-for-purpose at quality levels deemed most practical. CMI is actively involved with a variety of community endeavors, from local charities to Aboriginal employment.


We work with our customers to build the best custom solutions.


We adapt to changes in order to offer the most performance driven solutions available.


We take care of our employees, clients, and the communities with which we partner.


With over 25 years in the industry, CMI has a professional and unyielding team with extensive experience in all areas of mining & construction.

CMI Designs, Builds, And Integrates Mining And Industrial Solutions

Maximize the productivity and profitability of your company.


Early on in our careers, we were fortunate enough to learn and realize the many benefits that came from fostering strong communications and focusing on customer collaboration.

This is still in practice today at CMI with over 30 years in business and more than 150 years of in-house experience and an excellent record in employee retention. We have remained devoted more than ever to provide the highest caliber service and equipment for our clients, and workplace for our staff.

We have a collaborative approach to all challenges when discussing our customers requirements. By asking the proper questions and taking the necessary time to understand and appreciate your perspectives, we are able to fulfill the promises and provide solutions.

Seeing the big picture is a phrase you may hear us speak from time to time. Reminding ourselves how crucial it is that we see and understand what you are seeing and that we connect the right technology for the ideal solution.

We strive to stand above our competition and continue ensuring long-term success for all our key stake holders. Each of our customers have brought us to where we are today, helping shape CMI throughout the last quarter century.

We offer our sincere thanks for years of collaboration and support.
Dwayne Howatt
Sean McGill