• Continuous steering in both wet and dry conditions
  • Does not rely on the edge of the belt to activate the tracking mechanism
  • No 90 degree contact with the belt edge
  • Rubber covered for better tracking and self cleaning
  • Sealed bearings
  • Minimum maintenance

Tru-Trainer Heavy Duty Reversing Dual Return Training Idler

  • Designed for high speed, aggressive belts having a high capital cost
  • No contact with belt edge
  • Extremely heavy duty (72” weighs 359 lbs.)
  • Belt widths from 60” to 96” wide are available

Tru-Trainer Heavy Duty Reversing Dual V-Return Training Idler

  • Developed to accommodate excessive forces with V-return conveyors, systems and structures
  • For high speed/PIW conveyors
  • Individual rollers for easy replacement
  • Belt widths from 42” to 72” wide are available

Urethane Tru-Trainers

  • Dual Return Tru-Trainers lagged with 5/8” thick, 85-durometer urethane for the most severe of underground or above ground mining applications.
  • These are being used in several underground mines and steel plants that have belt speeds in excess of 1000 feet per minute, 5000 TPH, underground conveyor structure or are just extremely abrasive or even a combination of all.

Tru-Trainer Troughing Training Idler

  • No 90 degree contact with belt edge
  • Center roll is approximately 2/3rds belt size
  • Center roll is rubber covered for better tracking