The classic ELECTRO-LUBER series was developed in 1982. The ELECTRO-LUBER is a single point automatic lubricator that uses an electro-chemical reactor cell which converts electrical energy into safe, inert nitrogen gas. The gas is contained in a hermetically sealed bellow-type gas chamber. ATS Electro-Lube was the first company to use this self-contained auto luber technology and sets the industry standard. As the gas is produced, internal pressure builds up in the bellows and is applied against the orange piston. The piston then forces the lubricant out of the cylinder and into the point of lubrication. The unit can empty from between 15 days to one year, depending on the setting of the simple user-programmable DIP switch. This selection can be changed or turned off at any time.

The Electro-Luber series can be filled with any lubricant and used in virtually every work environment. Our lubers are intrinsically safe and approved for all explosive areas. They are also certified by MSHA for use in mines. They can be filled with food-safe lubricant and will work underwater up to 30′ (10m) deep!

The ULTIMATE LUBER is a motor-driven automatic lubricator which is refillable using standard grease guns. It’s microprocessor-controlled, energy-efficient motor delivers grease to a fixed-displacement pump that produces pressures over 1000psi! This strength allows the ULTIMATE LUBER to perform multi-point lubrication and drive lubricant through long feed lines to progressive distributors. When a dispensing cycle is selected, the units will activate at programmed intervals. At each interval, the ULTIMATE LUBER dispenses approximately 1.25cc of grease. Neither temperature nor altitude will affect the lubricant output.