One method of improving safety in the workplace is installing insulation around the exhaust system. These materials serve as physical barriers that prevent workers from getting burned when working near hot equipment, as well as minimize the amount of heat and noise transferred into the room.

These products can be customized to fit the unique requirements or restrictions that industrial or mine sites may have.

  • protects workers from generated heat
  • protects equipment from generated heat
  • helps systems maintain ideal operating temperature

A heat shield is any material that serves as an obstacle to prevent heat from entering the surrounding area. It can be a removable insulation blanket or shield that is composed of heat-resistant material, or a permanent  hard, fire-resistant coating that helps to insulate surrounding components. Insulation blankets are often used for industrial applications that require a removable or changeable shield, while more permanent coatings are used on automobile components and exhaust systems for long-term heat protection.

These can come in various forms such as removable insulation blankets, or permanent composite insulation.