CMI’s feeder breakers are designed to be easily movable throughout the mine.  This minimizes the haulage distances to maximize overall efficiency, reduce costs and more importantly reduce emission associated with long haulage distances.  Our feeder breaker is specifically designed to prevent plugging with large lump sizes.  The breaker system is a similar design that we use in the 2 Rotor Mining machines that we have manufactured.  Typical capacity has been 180 to 250 tph, but this can be adjusted to meet our customer’s requirements.

We have also designed support equipment such as our Magnet Conveyor that complement the feeder breakers requirements.  The magnet conveyor bridges the gap between the feeder breaker and the mainline belt conveyor system.  This system is designed to remove any tramp metal collected through the clean-up process at the source.  The efficiency of metal removal is much higher on this lower capacity, slower moving belt than trying to remove tramp material on a high speed mainline belt system.