The rotary plow feeder is a key component in both underground and surface reclaim potash operations.

It is designed to reclaim ore from a slot type storage bin onto a belt conveyor system.

The blades on the rotary plow draw material from the bin shelf into the center discharge chutes providing feed to the reclaim belt system,

The rotary plow moves throughout the total length of the storage bin at a fixed speed on steel track rails, while the discharge rate of the system is dependent upon the speed of the plow blades.

The Rotary Plow feeder supports optimum product flow by allowing a slot discharge.  The plow feeder traverses the length of the slot ensuring all the material moves on a continuous basis.  CMI’s plow feeders have been installed in bins up to 10,000 tons.  Multiple plows can be installed side by side depending on the geometry of your bins.  Typically plow feeders have been designed to provide a continuous flow up up to 2500 mtph, but designs of 4-5000 mtph have been developed.